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Ready to dive deep into the world of crystals?

Join Spirit Crystal Academy's Crystal Healing Practitioner course and unlock the secrets to mastering your energy for real results.

In just under six months, our private-tuition course will take you from beginner to confident crystal healer. But here's the twist - it's unlike any other online crystal course out there!

Explore the science behind crystals, blend different energies, and learn to spot and fix imbalances in the physical and subtle energy bodies.

Craft healing gemstone waters, release emotional baggage, and supercharge your Law of Attraction practice with crystal energy.

Plus, discover distance healing, crystal massages, pendulum use, and powerful crystal grids.

Learn to shield and channel energy while gaining insights into numerology, frequencies, and sacred geometry.

This course is the result of more than a decade of experience and experimentation - a uniquely personal journey.

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soul-full learning

Enjoy 10 private tuition workshops (20 modules) held every two weeks on Zoom.

Upon completing the course and submitting your homework and case studies, you'll receive a Certificate of Completion - a testament to your crystal mastery!

As a bonus, after finishing the course, you'll receive a personal call where we'll assist you in setting up your very own crystal healing business.

Are you tired of impersonal online courses?

Us too!

Unlike conventional courses, our workshops transcend theory, integrating practical exercises to enhance your learning experience.

Why opt for pre-recorded videos when you can enjoy the vibrancy of LIVE workshops that are undeniably more enjoyable?

Engage in lively discussions, deepen your understanding, and enjoy a sense of soulfulness in your learning.

Your inspiring course tutor is Jade Marsh, the visionary behind Spirit Crystal Academy, a Quantum Coach and Crystal Energy Healer with more than a decade of expertise.

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module overview

Foundations of Crystal Healing: Explore the fundamentals of crystal healing, holistic and vibrational healing, and understand energetic fields.Crystal Systems and Healing Applications: Navigate crystal formations and their healing applications, including Vogel crystals and Lemurian seed crystals.Crystal Care and Selection: Master selecting, cleansing, and caring for crystals, and learn about the Mohs hardness scale and programming crystals.Developing Your Connection with Crystals: Forge a personal bond with crystals, create a crystal journal, and explore sensing energy.Grounding and Protection: Ground yourself and clients with grounding techniques, and discover crystals for protection.Energy Centres and Balancing Techniques: Journey through chakras, balancing techniques, and explore opposing colours for balance.Exploring Energy Bodies and Meridian Systems: Dive into subtle energy bodies, combing the auric field, and explore the meridian system for holistic healing.Advanced Crystal Techniques: Harness the power of opposing colours, amplify crystal energies, and explore advanced energy centres.Crystal Healing Practices: Explore crystals for anxiety, stress, insomnia, and delve into emotional healing practices.Crystal Applications and Therapies: Uncover pendulums, crystal massage, and gem elixirs, and explore crystal beauty treatments.Healing Session Structure and Space Preparation: Receive insights into structuring a healing session and creating a conducive healing space.Client Interaction and Record-Keeping: Gain proficiency in initial and concluding discussions and maintaining client notes and records.Energetic Space Clearing and Earth Healing: Explore the ideal positioning of crystals, engage in space clearing, and contribute to earth healing.Extending Crystal Healing: Extend crystal healing to animals, plants, babies, and children.Creative Applications of Crystals: Unleash your creativity with crystal mandalas, manifestation grids, and explore distance healing techniques.Manifesting with Crystals: Journey into manifesting with crystals and master your energy.BONUS Module: Setting up your crystal healing business.

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Crystal Mastery - Your Path to Healing and Success

Unlock a transformative journey with our Crystal Healing Practitioner course, featuring 20 workshops totaling approximately 25 hours of tuition. Gain lifetime access to all recorded modules for flexible learning.

Access the Crystal Healing Practitioner Student Portal for printable worksheets, attachments, and sacred geometry templates to support your growth.

Benefit from expertly-crafted body layouts for emotional healing and stress relief. Receive a Certificate of Completion upon finishing the course.

Enjoy ongoing support beyond the workshops, ensuring your continuous evolution.

Master the skills to confidently advise, recommend, and prescribe crystals to clients. Elevate your practice with professional crystal healing sessions, manifestation grids, and distance healing.

Enhance your repertoire with crystal massage techniques. Plus, receive a bonus call to assist in establishing your crystal healing business upon course completion.

Aragonite, Tourmalinated Quartz crystals, tumblestones, Palo Santo wood in an abalone shell

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“I recently completed the Crystal Healer Practitioner course with Jade and I have to say I absolutely loved it. The modules were very well put-together, filled with amazingly valuable and fascinating content but presented in a clear and easy to understand way. Jade is one of the most fun and supportive teachers I have ever met and her vast knowledge and love of crystals is contagious!”
- Jeanette, Ibiza

I have been interested in the healing power of crystals for a long time. I wanted to find a course I could complete at a slow pace in the comfort of my own home. When Jade Marsh came into my life I felt like I had found the missing part of the puzzle.
Jade was everything & more I wanted in a teacher. This wonderful course is perfectly created, each module is downloadable, meaning the course content is yours for life to refer back to when needed. There is also a student portal that is very helpful and a lovely balance of material, pictures and videos.This course has been such a rich & rewarding experience for me in so many ways. Jade I appreciate your wonderful teachings & engagement throughout this course, also your generosity & kindness. You truly are an inspiration.
- Emma, UK

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